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"Mother of dragons poised to lead the BBC"

"Mother of dragons poised to lead the BBC"

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aceofmoxes said: Can you recommend any education resources, please?


With regards to what, specifically? Intersectionality is a complex, branched thing. I’m literally always learning. A personal favorite is always medievalpoc. I can probably find a specific resource for anything your looking, but I won’t vouch for it since I’m not on first-term basis with most if any moderators of these blogs.

Below are a list of resources. Assume trigger warnings. I do not vouch any of them as being non-problematic or intersectional in their approach. None of these are necessarily 101 blogs; in fact, many explicitly aren’t. READ their FAQs, ‘About’s and ‘Bio’s. This not at all exhaustive or complete or balanced.

Honestly, just search a tag and look at the blogs that come up. Just searching ‘intersectionality’ in any search engine is super helpful. Do not fucking harass these blogs, people.

Avoid anything that’s ‘trans-‘/’gender-critical’ or radical feminist ‘radfem’ if you want to avoid learning how to be a hateful bigot and transmisogynist.


Spending my night ruining the free world.

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She is one of our favorite speakers. Ever. 

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In Tim Gunn voice: “Can I be honest with you? It’s looking a little woeful.”


Hermione the sociologist


Hermione the sociologist

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Modern Trailer

It’s not hard to swallow.

In a world where god is an illustration, there was a man and his knights.

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